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Visa Services

Non-Immigrant (temporary visas)

  • L-1A/B ?Intracompany transferees (managers/specialists)
    Foreign national executives, managers or specialists being transferred to the U.S. to manage an organization or major function of an organization.

  • E-1/2 ?Trader/investor or its essential employees
    Personnel including executives and managers of a treaty nation company operating in the U.S. or entrepreneurs from treaty nations investing substantially in a U.S. enterprise.

  • H-1B ?Specialty occupation with a bachelor's degree or higher
    Foreign professionals with specialized knowledge, or professionals entering the U.S. to offer exceptional services.

  • H-2 ?Shortage occupation
    Skilled workers in crafts and trades for which no U.S. workers are available.

  • H-3 ?Trainees
    Foreign nationals to receive training which is not available in their country.

  • I ?Foreign media correspondents
    Foreign professionals in print and film media; freelance journalists working under contract.

  • O-1/O-2 ?nbsp;Groups or individuals with extraordinary ability/its support staff
    Foreign nationals who have received major prizes or other recognition for outstanding achievements, who have produced original academic contributions, artists and entertainers; essential support personnel of O-1 visa holders

  • P-1 ?Groups or individuals of internationally known athletes
    Internationally recognized athletes or teams entering the U.S. to participate in an event, entertainers to tour the U.S. or participate in events; support personnel.

  • P-2 ?Performing artists under exchange program
    Artists entering the U.S. through a reciprocal exchange program; support personnel.

  • P-3 ?Culturally unique entertainers
    Artists entering the U.S. to perform, teach or coach a culturally unique program.

  • F-1 ?Foreign students
    Foreign nationals qualified to attend a full course of study at colleges, universities or high schools in the U.S.


Immigrant (permanent residency: green card)

  • EB-1 ?Individuals with extraordinary ability; outstanding professors and researchers; multinational executives and managers

  • EB-2 ?Members of the professions holding advanced degrees or individual workers with exceptional ability

  • EB-3 ?Skilled workers

  • EB-5 ?Investors

  • Family Sponsored Immigration

  • Naturalization

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