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Immigration and Consular Practice

Amanda S. Chang

Amanda S. Chang, Attorney at Law, offers experienced, knowledgeable, and professional counsel to meet the needs of businesses, and individuals in all facets of immigration law, including green card applications, naturalization and citizenship, and work, investor and business visas. Additionally, the firm is able to assist clients with their relative petitions and individuals who may become involved in removal proceedings before the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

We provide services to speakers of Korean and Japanese.

We have represented a wide range of individual and business firm clients from many nations here in the crossroads of the Pacific, which brings together diverse individuals and businesses who desire to invest and reside in Hawaii, the Pacific Basin, and Asia. We offer a range of fee approaches, including fixed fees, hourly fees and other arrangements, which we endeavor to customize to the client's situation and resources to the extent possible.

We welcome your inquiries and the opportunity to work with and serve your immigration, nationality and consular matters and needs as cost-effectively as possible.

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